Faith In Action Participants

FIA Participants:
We are really excited for Sunday!  Come dressed super comfortably wearing tennis shoes or work boots on Sunday, Oct. 22nd, at 8:30a.m.  We will worship, take communion, and be commissioned to go out to be the hands and feet of Christ during the 8:30 service.  Then, depending upon what you have signed up for or what you will sign up for, you will go to a designated site. 
If you know what you are signed up to do, bring any available supplies you have at your disposal, such as work gloves, sunscreen, bug spray, Epi-pen, tools, lawn equipment, cooler, etc.  If you plan on participating in a social/spiritual project like card writing, praying, visiting, cooking, etc., bring what you need for that as well.  If you need to purchase a large amount of something, call Bethany Suarez (486.7281) to arrange a tax exempt purchase.  If you would like to work with children, please see Diane Underwood or Bethany Suarez.
Some items that will be available to you at the church:
trash bags
water bottles
first aid
runners (people who can bring lunches, waters, more supplies or volunteers -OR- help cart away trash)
Before you leave for your project, you will want to give the kitchen crew a count of the number of people eating a lunch.  Be sure to offer a lunch to the people in the home you are caring for as well and then call that in to the kitchen if they say yes.  You may eat on site or take an AC break and come eat in the gym.
Before the end of your project, make certain to invite the homeowner or person visited to our celebratory dinner in Weston Hall at 6:00p.m.  Offer them a ride if they need one.  If they cannot make it to dinner, pray for and bless them before you go.
Everyone is invited to dinner at 6 to eat, fellowship, and share testimony from the day.
See you soon!