Job Opportunities
Ministry Opportunities
We are always in prayer for more partners in ministry.  Any potential servants desiring to work with children, youth, or vulnerable adults must submit a background check and complete an abuse prevention and boundary awareness training as well as a safety webinar.  For more information on this process, see ‘Volunteer Resources’ under the MINISTRIES heading above.  Some servants will also be asked to take a First Aid and CPR course depending upon ministry work. 
For anyone seeking to get involved, we invite you to call the church pastor, Steve Peyton, or any ministry leader.  Partners in ministry may need to shadow those already involved for a length of time and should be active in church life for at least six months.  Those seeking leadership roles should also be involved in a regular bible study, prayer group, Emmaus reunion group, class meeting, Sunday school class, or some type of activity that feeds you spiritually, helps you grow in Christ, and holds you accountable.  (Read 1 Timothy 3:1-13 to know what the bible says about those in leadership.)  See the list below for just a few of the many ministries in which you may feel the call to serve.
Stephen Ministry: Rev. Steve Peyton / Jaime Gonzales
Chrysalis / Emmaus: Rev. Steve Peyton / Jaime Gonzales / Joy Jechow 
Vacation Bible School: Bethany Suarez / Diane Underwood
Youth / Youth Sunday School: Sam Garza
Children’s Sunday School & Children’s Festivals: Bethany Suarez
Adult Sunday School: Rev. Steve Peyton / Susan Lovelace-Gerrish
Chancel Choir / God’s Kids Choir / Handbells / Special Music: Susan Lovelace-Gerrish
Home-Church Visits / Meal Delivery: Rev. Steve Peyton / Steve & Ellen Balke
Praise Band: Tonye Neal
Office Volunteer: Schelle Redfearn / Paula Colhour
Acolytes: Susan Lovelace-Gerrish
United Methodist Women: Becky Kingston
Nursery: Bethany Suarez
Trustees / Facility Maintenance: Art Sutton
Faith In Action: Bethany Suarez 
Lord’s Supper Meal Program: Bethany Suarez / Debbie Alderson
Communion Delivery: Jeannette Walther
Communion Server in Worship: Rev. Steve Peyton / Susan Lovelace-Gerrish / Tonye Neal
Greeters: Susan Lovelace-Gerrish
Bible Studies: Rev. Steve Peyton / Susan Lovelace-Gerrish
Class Meetings: 
Circle of ConneXion: DeeAnn Dillahunty
Lick and Stick Newsletter Group: Paula Colhour
Confirmation Class: Bethany Suarez
Song of the Shadows Easter Passion Play: Jan Elliott
HOTT Days: Sam Garza
Luncheon Set Up Crew: Susan Lovelace-Gerrish
Call the church office at 830-278-3135 for more information on any ministry or to start your own!