The Lord’s Supper – “Eat Your Way Through the Bible” Christian Life Center, Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 (September – May), Weston Hall

All ages are invited to come eat their way through the Bible!  While we do spoil the kids a bit during dinner, everyone is welcome.  Young and old alike enjoy the fruits of the Garden of Eden, taste the stew of Jacob, work their way through the plagues, feast like David, and watch the loaves and fishes multiply!  This Fall (2020), we are eating our way through some of the parables Jesus told.   The parables hold truths about the kingdom of God, the nature of God, how we may enter the kingdom, and how we prepare for the coming kingdom.  It is our hope that the children and adults who come to be fed in spirit each Wednesday will find God more concretely real in their lives and that they will use the truths found in the parables as guideposts along the narrow way. Come and learn, or re-learn, the deep stories of the Bible and find afresh the true heart of God.  Meals are FREE.  The Lord’s Supper meal program resumed September 16th, 2020.