Worship Times

8:00AM Traditional Worship with Weekly Holy Communion in the Sanctuary
9:00AM Contemporary Worship with Monthly Holy Communion in the Sanctuary
~10:00AM Sunday school, all ages~
11:00AM Traditional Worship with Monthly Holy Communion in the Sanctuary
Nursery care is provided in Room B of the Children’s Wing.  Temperature checks occur prior to entry.
Remote Worship: Online worship services are posted weekly on the church Facebook Page (First United Methodist Church of Uvalde).
**If you are planning a visit, please check Calendar of Events as special service times sometimes occur. **

-What is Traditional Worship-

Worship service begins with the light of Christ being brought in by acolytes while parishioners prepare for worship by reading and meditating on a scripture or Wesleyan teaching.  This is followed by an invocation and call to worship.  We sing glorious hymns, ask God to bless our gifts, and take up an offering.  After the offering, we sing the Doxology.  At this time, there may be special music or choir anthems sung by the Chancel Choir.   The Apostles’ Creed is generally recited followed by the singing of the Gloria Patri (examples of the Doxology & Gloria Patri are on YouTube).  Every Sunday, children are then invited to Young Disciples Time at the front of the sanctuary when a lay person or, occasionally, the pastor will give a brief and simple children’s message and prayer .  Then our pastor, Rev. Steve Peyton, gives the day’s message.  We follow with singing and close with a sending forth.  The church organist plays a postlude following the sending forth.

-What is Contemporary Worship-

The praise band opens the service with contemporary Christian music that compliments the upcoming message. Hymnals and music books are not used. Instead, lyrics are projected onto a large screen above the chancel. We do not take up an offering at a designated time during service, but offering plates are available in the sanctuary for gifts and tithes and we do pray over the gifts. Our pastor, Rev. Steve Peyton gives the day’s message, and we close with more worship music from the praise band. The communion rail is always open for prayer, and members in the service
as well as the pastor are happy to pray with anyone upon request.
-What Is Communion-
We do take a moment for silent prayer prior to taking communion so that we may only approach the table with repentant hearts per 1 Corinthians 11:28 which says that a man ought to examine himself before he eats of the bread and drinks of the cup.  The cup of juice and the broken bread are consecrated as the blood of Jesus and the body of Jesus.
First United Methodist Church of Uvalde administers communion using a process called INTINCTION.  Those administering communion offer a piece of the bread saying, “The Body of Christ, broken for you,” and we dip our bread in the cup as they say, “The Blood of Christ, shed for you.”
An appropriate response upon being offered the Body and Blood is to say, “Amen.”
The United Methodist Church has an open table.  That means that all repentant hearts are welcome to participate in communion regardless of religious affiliation, denomination, or church attendance.
Christ welcomes all to his table who would accept him as Lord and Savior.